Vendita Speciale

Per la sua prima collezione autunno/inverno 2020 il marchio Rockoel offre la maglietta della collezione Lion Cat ad u prezzo speciale.


Mademoiselle Chouchou

The first ever Rockoel Sandal for women: mademoiselle  Chouchou. 

Black Diamond Sweatshirt

Hey you
Yeah you
Let me tell you this
You are someone’s reason to smile
Because you are beautiful
Because you are talented
Because you are special
Now that I told you this
You have something on which to build your self esteem.

Unconventional Luxury

” Considering the fact that I’m from a very poor family, and now, after years of sacrifices, I live a fairly wealthy life, it’s hard for me to think I need a luxury accessories that add me some values; in case the contrary, that is my being, my story, that makes important what I dress. ” Read the nrest of the brand story here