Cell Omino B

This T-shirt imagined by the creative director bears the name and the spirit of the founder of the house. Illustrated with a sausage in military uniform, unique and exclusive graphic illustration, to assert a distinctive looke. The presence of the “Rockoel” name and the logo of the brand as identity card and especially belonging to the world of Rockoel.


Toutou Sweatshirt

Toutou is the supreme expression of Rockoel’s minimal elegance. The artist Alex Konahin is the genius behind this art. Toutou is the name that the creative and artistic creator of rockoel, Joe Oxford, would have given his pet if he had one. Unfortunately, he never managed to keep one because of his specific phobia for animals.

Unconventional Luxury

” Considering the fact that I’m from a very poor family, and now, after years of sacrifices, I live a fairly wealthy life, it’s hard for me to think I need a luxury accessories that add me some values; in case the contrary, that is my being, my story, that makes important what I dress. ” 

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