Alex is a young man of about thirty years, born and raised in a modest family, with his five brothers. His father worked as a caretaker and gardener in the villa of a wealthy owner of the neighbourhood and his was the only salary of the family. The lifestyle of Alex and his brothers was therefore simple and without excesses. However, like almost all of his siblings, Alex was fortunate enough to be gifted with great intelligence, thanks to which he had a remarkable and impressive school curriculum. At the age of 26, after winning a scholarship to study outside his country of origin, he obtained a degree in medicine from a renowned university.

At this point, after graduating, Alex started working and his earnings were very goods. Now he could afford a different lifestyle from what he had had in his childhood: cinema, theatre, holidays in renowned locations and, above all, high quality clothing and accessories.

Soon Alex became a lover of luxury brands and, seeing his distinguished way to dress, some friends and colleagues began to call him “ Boss ” or “ Prince ”. Alex quickly came to understand that the brans he was wearing were a clear sign of belonging to a Social class, that of wealthy people. Day after day Alex realized that the image he was giving was not the one he wanted to convey: he wanted people to know his true story.

One day he knew, through a Common friendship, which Joe, who lived in Italy, in his spare time was doing the personal shopper, for free, for some friends. After explaining his problem, Alex concludes by saying:

“ Considering the fact that I come from a very poor family, and now, after years of hard work and sacrifices, I live a fairly wealthy life, it’s hard for me to think I need a luxury accessories that enhance me. On the contrary, is my being, my values, my story, that make important what I dress.”

He asked him, therefore, whether it was possible to have high quality clothing, accessories and shoes without being luxury or too well-known brands .It was at that moment that Joe came up with the idea of unconventional luxury.

Knowing Alex’s past and understanding his desire, Joe decided, even with the stimulus of other similar and personal motives, to create a brand that would meet the needs of his friend. And a few months later, Rockoel saw the day. There are many young adults who like Alex have made numerous sacrifices to achieve their goals in life and live a life that is worth living. We will be happy to help them to tell their story to the young generations, with the aim of being an inspiration to the young generations, through Rockoel. When you wear a shirt, sweatshirt, jacket or some other Rockoel article people will know your story.


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Rock-Lyo is his name. He represent the typical Rockoel guy: impressive, confident and elegant. A guy (or girl) with great personality.


Represent a rock, synod of the friends Joe Oxford surrounded his self while building the brand.


Black (as the main color of a rock) , White(the genius spirit of the founder of the brand) and Gold (like a lion’s mane). All this makes up the Rockoel universe flag.
Rockoel is one of the most promising new brands, given to the success of his success of its story, its vision and above all its design. Founded in the spring 2013 by Joe Oxford, he has made this project a real philosophy, a reinterpretation of the traditional version of the term “luxury” in a world where the cult of ” strong personality, the economic difficulties and globalisation are forcing youth to redefine some important terms in our societies for readapting them to their current and future needs.
Where do you find your inspiration?

Joe: I’m consistently inspired by the nature, art and especially by the human body. You have no idea on how much my mind can be stimulated by an entire system or a common cell. In fact the whole concept around the Cell collection was inspired by a common cell of the human body.

Who is the Rockoel Boy?

Joe: All Rockoel guys (male and female) are bold. I mean they are brilliant, passionate, talented, kind and inspiring. Is the ultimate interesting guys with class and unique style. He(she) is not trying to be what he/she is not. He(she) is a genuine (authentic) person.

How would you define the style of the brand ?

What I could say for now is that: rockoel’s style does not have specific rules. It is something that lies between the traditional and the contemporary; the result of a cultural melting put while maintaining an classic elegance but recognisable at the first glance.


Unconventional Luxury