Women’s ready-to-wear collections, made in Italy.

Boxeur Ver

Every human being faces an existential struggle. Living also means fighting. Of course, there are people who have a simpler life than others, but if we leave selfishness aside and we are willing to listen to them, we will discover that they too bring pain within. In one way or another we will always feel the lack of something or someone in life. Pains, difficulties, problems are blind and have no preference. So, when we are in the ring of the world fighting against Life, we must be ready to fight to keep our heads up for as long as possible, because it takes only a moment and we end up on the carpet. Coming out victorious from this battle against Life is not the important thing, it is going to be proud and sure to have given the best of ourselves, and to have shown off our best moves, like a real boxer.


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